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Construction of An Imagination Test Basedon Theory of Conceptual Combination

By 洪瑞雲, 王精文, 拾已寰, 李泊諺, 王愉敏, Ruey-Yun Horng, Ching-Wen Wang, Yi-Hwan Shyr, Po-Yen Lee and Yu-Ming Wang


本研究擬依據概念結合理論發展一份「概念結合的想像力測驗」,每一個測驗題目由兩個完全不相關的名詞概念組合而成,其中第一個名詞的性質可能是抽象、自然物或人造物;第二個名詞的性質也可能是抽象、自然物或人造物;此3×3 的組合各有兩組,共18 題。受試者被要求設法想出兩者之間的關聯,並說明其聯想過程或理由。以602 位大學生與研究生在此測驗上的反應,透過項目分析後,本測驗試題具有鑑別度,重測信度為.878,折半信度為.745,評分者間信度為.852;以110 位設計系學生的設計專題期末成績為效標,其與想像力測驗分數的相關係數為顯著(r = .265),具有預測效度。此外,想像力測驗的分數與TTCT的獨創性有低的正相關,與TTCT 其他的分歧思考能力則無相關,與創造性人格量表間也無相關,顯示此想像力測驗具有區別效度。The purpose of this study was to develop a test of imagination based on theory ofconcept combination. The test comprises eighteen items. Each test item is composed oftwo unrelated nouns. The ontological category of the first noun and the second noun canbe either an abstract concept, a natural object, or an artifact. The combination of nounsyielded nine types of noun-noun pairs. There are two items of the same type of nounnounpairs. For each noun-noun pair, participants were asked to report what emerged intheir mind’s eye when they saw these two nouns connected together. They were alsoasked to explain the process or reasons for the emergence of their ideas. Data from sixhundred and two college and graduate students indicated that the test-retest reliabilityof the test was 0.878, and the split-half reliability was 0.745. The test scores from imaginationtest had low but positive correlation with the originality score of TTCT, butno correlation with fluency, flexibility, or elaboration scores of TTCT. The predictivevalidity of the test was examined with 110 design students’ performance in design projects.It was found that students’ performance in design was correlated with their imaginationscore (r = .265). Imagination score showed low but positive correlation withoriginality scores of TTCT, but unrelated to other divergent thinking scores in TTCT, ortwo measures of creative personality. The results indicated that the imagination test developedin this study is valid and imagination ability is a construct different from creativity

Topics: 創造力, 測驗編製, 想像力, 概念結合, conceptual combination, creativity, imagination, test construction
Year: 2014
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