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By 石茂盈, 洪登村, 謝慶昌, Mao-Ying Shi, Deng-Tsen Horng and Ching-Chang Shiesh


本試驗之目的在調查'富有'甜柿果實不同貯藏溫度及不同果實大小對果實貯藏品質之影響,以了解'富有'甜柿果實之最佳貯藏方式及適合貯藏果實大小,以減少貯藏期間果實損失之發生。結果顯示,'富有'甜柿果實在l℃下貯藏有較佳的貯藏品質,果實於貯藏4週後可維持較高硬度,貯藏壽命約4星期;而於3~15℃貯藏時,果實嚴重軟化喪失商品價值。因此,'富有'甜柿果實建議貯藏溫度為l℃。此外,本試驗將不同大小'富有'甜柿果實貯藏於l℃下,結果顯示,以225-265g之小型果實硬度維持63.8N,l℃貯藏4週後以小果有較佳貯藏品質。The objectives of this study were to investigate the effects of temperatures and fruits size on the storage life and fruit quality of the 'Fuyu' persimmon with a view to defining the best storage temperature and condition, reducing chilling injury and fruit softness, and improving the quality as well as commercial value of the fruits. The results indicated that persimmon fruits, which were stored at 6-15℃ for 4 weeks, developed the symptoms of translucent peel and softening flesh soon after returning to the room temperature. Softness also occurring in fruits stored at 1 or 3℃, but the damage was less extensive. It is concluded that suitable storage temperature for persimmon cv. 'Fuyu' should be below 1℃. In addition, the smaller fruits(225-263 g)showed good quality and high firmness after storage for 4 weeks at 1℃ and shelved at 25℃ for 3 days

Topics: persimmon fruit, chilling injury, fruits size, softening, storage life, 甜柿, 寒害, 果實大小, 軟化, 貯藏壽命, 貯藏溫度, 果實品質
Year: 2014
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