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By 張瓊姿, 陳京城, 楊耀祥, Chiung-Tze Chang, Ching-Cheng Chen and Yau-Shiang Yang


本研究主要探討鳳梨果實性狀彼此之間及與果肉水浸狀生理劣變之相關性。不同鳳梨品種果實性狀調查結果發現,台農13號為發生果肉水浸狀生理劣變最嚴重之品種,台農4號及台農11號為較不嚴重之品種,因此遺傳因子可能為影響鳳梨果肉水浸狀劣變發生的重要因子之一。進一步分析其相關性,結果發現果冠重與水浸狀嚴重程度呈顯著正相關。可溶性固形物與果肉水浸狀發生率及嚴重程度呈顯著負相關,而可滴定酸則與果肉水浸狀嚴重程度有顯著負相關。另外細胞壁轉化酵素(CWI)活性與果肉水浸狀嚴重程度及果冠重呈顯著負相關。The correlations between fruit characteristic factors and translucency occurrence in pineapple flesh were examined. The results showed that TN13 was highly susceptible cultivar and TN4 was tolerant one, which suggested that heredity is one of the important factors effecting translucency occurrence in pineapple flesh. The crown weight was significantly positively correlated to translucency severity. There were significant negative correlations between flesh translucency severity and total soluble solids and titratable acid. In addition, there were significant negative correlations between CWI activity and translucency severity and crown weight

Topics: Pineapple, Tanslucency, Cell wall invertase, Fruit characteristics, 果實性狀, 鳳梨, 水浸狀生理劣變, 細胞壁轉化酵素
Year: 2014
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