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By 郭銀港, 李金龍, 楊耀祥, Ying-Kang Kuo, Ching-Lung Lee and Yau-Shiang Yang


The objectives of this study were to investigate developmental changes in physical morphological, composition and mineral element concentrations of 'Kyoho' and 'Honey Red' grapes. The summer and winter grape berries of 'Kyoho' and 'Honey Red' grapes showed double sigmold curve of fruit width and fruit weight, it need 80-88 days for growth and the period of summer grape was shorter than winter grape. The firmness of summer grape berries was lower and 'Honey Red' showed low level in growth stage Ⅰ, and fast increase in growth stage Ⅲ. It needed 80 days for growth to reach 18。Brix in summer grape, and 8 days later in winter grape. Total titratable acidity of fruit was high at initial stage of development, and then fall rapidly while fruit maturity. During harvest, the winter grape were more acidic than summer grape. The macronutrient concentrations of berries decreased during the fruit growth.巨峰'及'蜜紅'葡萄在夏、秋兩收果實生長曲線呈現雙S型,生長期間分別為80及88日,第一收夏果果實比第二收冬果之生長期間較短。第二收冬果可觀察出較明顯的第二生長期。第一收夏果的果實硬度較第二收冬果為低,而'蜜紅'葡萄比'巨峰'葡萄之果實硬度為低。可溶性固形物在發育初期緩慢增加,在生長第三期迅速增加,第一收夏果約在花後80日可達18°Brix以上,第二收冬果約晚8日左右。可滴定酸度在發育初期逐漸增加,之後逐漸減少,成熟時第二收冬果比第一收夏果之可滴定酸度為高。分析果實氮、磷、鉀、鈣、鎂五種大量元素含量的結果顯示,皆隨果實發育的增加而有減少之趨勢

Topics: 葡萄, 無機營養, 果實生長, Mineral nutrient, Fruit growth, Grape
Year: 2014
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