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By 李明儒, 歐聖榮, Ming-Ju Lee and Sheng-Joung Ou


有許多研究均指出熟悉度(familiarity)會影響偏好(例如:Im,1984;Dearden.1984;Kaplan and Herbert,1987;Purcell et al.,1995),但卻很少有研究直接將熟悉度列為一個變項加以測量,因此本研究之目的在調查熟悉度相關之因素對於中國庭園空窗、造型偏好之影響。本研究應用電腦模擬技術,以DrawBase中文V108、3Dstudio R4.0、PhotoShop30及ImagePales2.0等4套軟體,建構出6種空窗造型,再配合實地攝影之5種背景,創造出30組不同的通窗造型與背景合成影像。電腦模擬以幻燈片播放,配合結構性問卷,以一階段集群抽樣,對國內六所景觀相關類科大學生進行測試,共取得249份有效問卷。調查所得之資料以頻度分析、皮爾森積差相關與單因子變異數分析進行結果描述語言就假設之 驗證。經由分析得到以下結論:\ud 1.觀賞者之熟悉度相關變項(中國文化興趣、中國庭園熟悉度、喜歡中國庭園的程度、去過次數),對於偏好具有小部分的影響,景觀設計經驗則否。\ud 2.本研究建議將熟悉度相關的變項列為測試偏好的必要問項。Many researches have indicated that familiarity with landscape may influence preferences (e.g., Im., 1986; Dearden., 1984; Kaplan and Herbert., 1987; Purcell et al., 1995), but only few studies have directly regarded it as a investigated variable. The main purpose of this study was to detect the influence of related factors of familiarity on preference for various forms of empty window and backgrounds in Chinese Garden. The computer simulation techniques were used to construct experimental scenarios. In total thirty experimental scenarios were created by combining six empty windows and five backgrouds. The color slides derived from simulation and the structured-direct questionnaire were employed as the major measurement tool for study. Through one-stage cluster sampling, the study obtained 249 valid samples from the students of six universities. The selected samples all majored in landscape architecture currently. The results were obtains by using the Pearson product-moment correlation analysis and one-way analysis of varience and the research hypotheses were therefore examined. According to the findings, the study proposed two major conclusions as following: 1. There is litter significant differences between preferences and respondents' characters such as cultural interest, familiarity, preferring level and frequency of visiting garden, but landscape design experience without any significant differences. 2. The study suggests the related factors of familiarity could be the independent variables used in the measuring questionnaire in landscape studies

Topics: Chinese garden, Empty window, Form, Background, Preference, Familiarity, 中國庭園, 空窗, 造型, 背景, 偏好, 熟悉度
Year: 2014
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