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By 劉雲聰, 倪正柱, Yun-Tsong Liou and Cheng-Chu Nee


Flower buds of 'Fuyu' kaki have been grafted upon the shoots of 'New Shin' kaki a local cultivar with low chilling requirement in lowland of Taiwan to investigate the fruit-setting and some interactions between scion and stock.\ud Although the availability is as high as 97.5 %, the reproductivity is very poor to develop fruits. The shoots less than 30 cm die back for 70 %, while shoots more than 30 cm are 11 %.1.89 % of hydrogen cyanamide will stimulate the bud-break of 'Fuyu' shoots early and consistently with 86 %.本研究以‵富有′柿果芽作為高接用接穗,嫁接在棚架栽培之‵牛心′柿徒長枝砧上,以探討嫁接成活當年著果與落果之相關問題,高接對砧樹柿果著生情形之影響,以及一年生高接‵富有′枝越冬與休眠上相關問題。今將結果摘述於後:‵富有′柿果芽高接於‵牛心′柿徒長枝砧上,當年嫁接成活率達97.5%,共萌生59枝條,其中有56%在芽體萌生過程中生殖生長會因故中斷,其餘44%之著蕾枝所著果數與採穗母樹比較亦有41%花芽分化中途敗育。第四芽單芽接穗之成活率、嫁接後生長勢、著蕾數與越冬能力均較前三芽之三芽接穗與第五、六芽之雙芽接穗佳。枝條長度如低於30cm枯死率高達72%、而高於45cm以上者,則僅約11%。如以1.89%氰胺溶液處理高接‵富有′柿一年生枝條,可提早42日萌動、且萌芽整齊、萌芽率達86%

Topics: Flower buds, Top-working, Persimmon, 果芽, 高接, 富有柿
Year: 2014
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