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By Yau-Shiang Yang, Li-Hua Chang, 楊耀祥 and 張麗華


為探討印度棗果實發育之變化,本試驗在果實發育期間調查台農1號果實外觀形態,果肉細胞層數、大小及內部組成份之變化。由試驗結果顯示其體、鮮重、果長、果寬及果厚均呈現雙S型生長曲線。果肉細胞分裂於花後3週停止,之後為細胞的肥大。果實之可溶性固形物、總糖及糖酸比隨果實發育而增加,至花後19週達到最高。果實硬度、酸度及有機酸則隨著果實發育而逐漸降低。酚類化合物以未熟果含量較高,隨果實發育成熟而降低。果實顏色由發育初期的深綠轉為綠色,至採收時為黃白色。The variety ‘Tainung No.1' was usedto study the physical morphological, anatomical and chemical composition changes in development of Indian jujube fruit.\ud The result was shown that the fruit growth pattern appeared a double sigmoid curve on fruit volume, fruit weight and fruit diameter. Cell division ceased in 3th week after bloom, then followed by cell enlargement in pulp tissue. The total soluble solids and total sugars content, TSS/TA ratio of fruit increased following fruit development, whereas firmness, acidity and total organic acid content of fruit decreased gradually. The phenol compound content was higher in immature fruit then declined throughout fruit development. The immature Indian jujube fruit was dark green in skin color then gradually become lightly-yellow

Topics: Indian Jujube, Fruit development, Fruit quality, 印度棗, 果實發育, 果實品質
Year: 2014
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