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By 葉士財, 林深林, 張武男, Shih-Tsai Yeh, Sheng-Lin Lin and Woo-Nang Chang


Five organic media, spent golden mushroom compost (GM), peat moss (PM), rice hull (RH), sugercane compost (SC), and apent shitake mushroom compost (SM), were used to grow Impatiens wallprana and Begonia semperflorens in 15cm pots for 6 months. As the planting period increased, soil moisture curve declined less in magnitude when water tension of the media exceeded 10 kPa. Mean total water content and easily available water tested media did not reach a favorable level before use. Except for rice hull, warter buffering capability of the other four media were around 5%. But all of them reached favorable level except in Shitake mushroom compost after used for 6 months. In comparison, organic media used before and after 6 months, available water of all media increased and was smallest in Shitake mushroom compost ahd was highest in rice hull. In no-p;ant control pots, the trend of available water increased. Therefore, the primary factors on physical properties are the media themselves and the placing period media.五種有機介質,以15公分盆栽植四季秋海棠與非洲鳳仙花。供試6個月後,隨著栽培期間的增長,介質有效水分測定張力超過10kpa以後,水分特性曲線趨於平緩。在種植前各介質的平均水分種計、極有效水皆未達到常用標準,水的緩衝能力,除了稻殼未達到以外,其於四種供試介質在5%之間。供試介質栽種作物6個月後,平均水分總計、極有效水有達到所需的標準,水分總計除了香菇棄堆肥未到達所需的水分總計以外,其於供試介質均有到達標準。供試介質栽種作物6個月後與未使用過的供試介質比較,在有效水含量增加最多。在無栽植作物供試6個月後,有效水也是增加的趨勢。因此影響物理性狀的因素是介質本身的性質及置放時間的長久所決定,作物影響因素較小

Topics: 極有效水, 緩衝水, 水分總計, 介質, Media, Easily available water, Water buffer capacity, Water content
Year: 2014
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