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By 李雪如, 林慧玲, 謝慶昌, 李國權, Sheue-Ru Lee, Huey-Ling Lin, Ching-Chang Shiesh and Kuo-Chuan Lee


本試驗調查嘉義竹崎地區之4年生"金煌"芒果果實生長發育期間,果肉內無機養分濃度之變化。結果顯示、各種巨量元素及微量元濃度,皆在果實快速生長發育階段呈下降趨勢,尤其鈣、鐵、錳更加明顯,至花後152日下降率達80%以上。在花後68日將果肉區分調查,6個部位之氮、磷、鉀、鈣、銅、鋅、硼呈現明顯的濃度梯度,其中氮、磷、鉀、銅、鋅濃度由果梗往果頂及由外層果肉(近果皮)往內層果肉(近硬核)遞增,以果頂之內層果肉濃度最高,硼濃度在花後131日後表現相同的結果;而鈣濃度則由果梗往果頂及由外層往內層果肉遞減,以果頂之內層果肉濃度最低。The objectives of this study were to investigate developmental changes in mineral element concentrations of 'Chiin Hwang' mango in Chi-Yi area, central Taiwan. Results indicated macro and micronutrient concentrations of mesocarp decreased during the period of rapid fruit growth; especially in the cases of Ca, Fe and Mn, the rates of decline reached 80% or more 152 days after full bloom. Nitrogen, P, K, Cu, Zn and B contents of six sections of the pulp increased toward inner mesocarp with the highest concentrations at the distal end of mesocarp. On the contray, Ca concentration had a reversed tendency with lowest level at the distal portion

Topics: 'Chiin Hwang', Fruit, Mineral Nutrients, Mango, 金煌, 果實, 無機養分, 芒果
Year: 2014
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