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Roles of Ion Channels in Plants Signal Transduction

By 尤進欽, 曾夢蛟, Jinn-Chin Yiu and Menq-Jiau Tseng


高等植物感受外界環境或化學訊號後,會經由起始訊號傳遞系統引起一連串的生理變化,包括鈣離子增加及膜的去極化。學者們在研究離層酸(abscisic acid, ABA)對保衛細胞的影響,提出離子孔道調節氣孔開張的假說,亦即陰離子孔道伴隨著鈣離子孔道是控制氣孔開閉的速率決定因子,進而導致鉀離子孔道活化,使鉀離子外流,膨壓降低,造成氣孔亦會被活化,使液泡中鉀及鈣離子釋放至細胞質中。而離層酸的訊號,可同時由鈣離子及非鈣離子來傳遞。目前研究顯示,光敏素可能是訊號系統的最起始物質。Higher plants perceive environmental and chemical signals via initiation of signal transduction, leading to modification of cellular activity, including Ca2+ uptake and membrane depolarization. Experiments involving the effect of abscisic acid to guard cells, suggesting anion channels, along with Ca2+ channels, play critical and ratelimiting roles. Furthermore, they trigger K+ channel activity, leading to K+ efflux, turgor reduction, and result in stomata closing. In addition, during stomata closing, K+, Ca2+ channels of tonoplast are activated in guard cells, that allow K+, Ca2+ release to cytosol. Otherwise, ABA-induced signals appear to proceed through parallel Ca2+-dependent and Ca2+-independent pathway. Recent studies in our understanding have show that phytochrome may be the furthest upstream component identified to date in the signaling pathway

Topics: Guard cell, Calcuim channel, Anion channels, Ion channels, Initiation of signal transdution, 保衛細胞, 鈣離子, 陰離子, 離子孔道, 起始訊號傳遞系統
Year: 2014
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