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Effect of GA3 and KT-30 on Berry Growth of Winter ' Kyoho ' Grapes

By 楊耀祥, 陳秉訓, Y. S. Yang and B. S. Chen


為促進冬季巨峰葡萄之果實生長,在開花後不同時間已不同濃度之GA3並配合KT-30處理果穗,發現在滿花後10日以GA3 10 ppm處理並無促進果實肥大之效果;而以GA3 25ppm於滿花後 10,18,25日處理均有促進果實肥大之效果,且較晚處理者效果較佳,其單粒重可由 7.7g 增至 10.9 g 。對於穗梗粗細及硬化程度之影響,在滿花10日後處理GA3 25 ppm 者不僅穗梗粗硬,果梗亦然;而在滿花後25日處理者,花梗硬化程度輕微。GA3 25 ppm 添加 10 ppm 之KT-30 在滿花後10日或18日處理者均有加強 GA3 之處理效果;添加 20 ppm於滿花後10日處理者,其單粒重達12.6g 較對照組增加4.4g,但穗梗單獨使用GA3 處理者較粗且硬,此現象在KT-30濃度越高時愈嚴重;在滿花後25日添加這並無加強 GA3 促進果實肥大之效果。\ud 果實石蠟切片觀察發現,GA3 處理之促進果實肥大是因細胞之肥大而非細胞數的增加,穗梗切片觀察,發現穗梗變粗硬者,係其木質部增厚,係其木質部增厚,木質細胞層數增加所致。\ud 各處理之可溶性固形物含量及酸度均比對照組稍微低,著色亦較對照組稍差,但不影響其高品質所需之條件。According to the reports on the production areas of Kyoho(Vitis vinifera L. × Vitis labruscana Bailey) grapevine in Taiwan, the individual berry size has been found smaller. In order to raise the quality of the winter grapes by promoting berry size, the experiment of effect of GA3 and KT-30 on berry size by spraying clusters at different time was carried out.\ud From the results of experiments, it was found that the application of GA3 10ppm on the 10th day after bloom did not promote the berry size but those of GA3 25ppm on the 10th, 18th and 25th day after full bloom increased berry size, and GA3 treatment applied later had better effect.\ud GA3 25ppm plus KT-30 10ppm treatment on the 10th or 18th day after full bloom had larger berry than only GA3 treatment, but on the 25th treatment was shown no better effects than only GA3. GA3 25ppm plus KT-30 20ppm treatment on the 10th day after bloom increased berry weight up to 12.6g which was 54% increasing rate comparing to control 8.6g, but their pedicel and rachis were very thick and hard.\ud GA3 25ppm treatment on the 10th day after full bloom, hower, the pedical and rachis increased in diameter and hardness, the berries were separated easily from the pedicels by physical shock. When GA3 25ppm treatment on the 25th day after full bloom, not only the rachis hardness increased litter, but also berry weight was 42% increasing rate comparing to control. Berry coloration, total soluble solids and acidity of juice were not improved very much in the treated fruits

Topics: Winter, ' Kyoho ' Grapes, KT-30, GA3, 冬季, 巨峰葡萄
Year: 2014
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