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By 朱建鏞 and Chien-young Chu


水仙鱗莖於栽植前二週進行閹割處理。閹割時,刀口在鱗莖主芽葉之扁平面的兩側,由最外層鱗片的基部斜上刺入,刺入的角度與鱗莖底面約成20-30°角。閹割的深度,相等於由莖頂所引垂直線與鱗莖底面的相交點,向主芽葉之扁平面的兩側,到鱗莖底面外緣的距離,傷口的寬度約為1.0-2.5公分。這種閹割法,可以在未破壞種球的情形下,將側芽(鱗莖單位)切離基盤而不傷到主芽。\ud 經6個月的培養,經閹割的鱗莖所形成新鱗莖,其總重量和子鱗莖個數都顯著減少;但在單一主球重量方面卻顯著增加。因此以培養大鱗莖為目的時,以植前經閹割的種球比較理想。The bulbs were gelt two weeks before planting. The gelding knife was inserted into the bulb from the base of tunic of both sides of which are parellel to the flat leaves. The angle of insertion was about 20-30°. The gelt depth of each side varied with the shape of bulb. It was eaqual to the distance from the gelting point to the vertical line through shoot tip. This gelding method could easily separate lateral bulb units from basal plate before planting without destroying the mother bulb.\ud After culturing for six months, on both the total weight of new bulb and the number of bulblets gelt bulbs were less than ungelt bulbs but on the weight of main bulblet gelt bulbs were more than ungelt bulbs.\ud For the purpose of raising larger bulbs of chinese sacred lily, growing gelt bulbs was beneficial

Topics: Chinese Sacred Lily, Gelding Method, 中國水仙, 閹割方法
Year: 2014
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