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By 黃錫文, 許振忠, Xi-Wen Huang and Jenn-Chung Hsu


本試驗之目的,在探討高環境溫度對台灣土雞種母雞產蛋與繁殖性能之影響。選取中興大學(動物科學系)育成、48週齡之BxDxL2品系台灣土雞種母雞48隻,分別依產蛋成績及體重區分為三個環境溫度處理組,使各處理組之產蛋成績及體重相近,雞隻飼養於環境溫度控制室中,室內溫度區分為(1)持續高溫組(34±1℃),(2)自然氣溫組(24~361℃)與(3)持續適溫組(24±1℃),採籠式飼養,每日光照15小時,水與飼料採任食,試驗期為4週。結果顯示,採食量、產蛋率、蛋重、受精率、孵化率及出生雛雞重均以持續高溫組顯著較其他二組為低(P<0.05),而體失重較高(P<0.05);在蛋殼品質方面,蛋殼重量百分比、蛋殼破裂強度、蛋殼厚度及蛋比重,均以持續適溫組較其他二組為佳(P<0.05),而以持續高溫組最差(P<0.05);蛋內品質方面,蛋白及蛋重均以持續高溫組顯著較其他二組為輕(P<0.05);在血液性狀方面,血球比容值及血漿中鈉、鈣、無機磷、總蛋白質、球蛋白、甲狀腺素及雌二醇之濃度均以持續高溫組顯著較持續適溫組為低(P<0.05),自然氣溫組則介於二者間(P>0.05),而血漿中主甲濃度和直腸溫度,則以持續適溫組顯著較其他二組為低(P<0.05)。台灣土雞種母雞,其產蛋與繁殖性能以持續適溫組最佳,自然氣溫組次之,而以持續高溫組最差,顯示高環境溫度對台灣土雞之生理與生產性狀有不良之影響。This experiment was carried out to study the effects of ambient temperature on the laying production and reproductive traits of Taiwan Country Chicken Breeder hens.\ud Forty-eight Taiwan Country Chicken Breeder hens, 48 wks old, line BXDXL2 bred by Dept. of Animal Science, National Chung-Hsing University, were divided into 3 groups of four hens, according to egg production and body weight. Each group of hens was made four replicates and housed in one of three different ambient temperature: (1) Constant high temperature (34±1℃), (2) Constant moderate temperature (24±1℃), and (3) Natural variable temperature (24-36℃) respectively. The birds were raised in wire cage with a light dark schedule of 15:9 hr. Feed and water were supplied ad libitum. The experimental period was four weeks.\ud The results indicated that body weight loss was significantly increased (p<0.05) and feed consumption was significantly decreased (p<0.05) when birds were raised under constant high ambient temperature. The egg production rate, egg weight, fertility, hatchability and chicks body weight in constant high ambient temperature treatment was lower (p<0.05) than those in other two treatments. In quality of egg shells, shell weight percentage, shell breaking strength, shell thickness and egg specific gravity in constant moderate temperature group was the best among three groups and in constant high temperature group was worst. In internal quality of eggs, albumin weight and yolk weight of eggs in constant high temperature group were significantly lower (p<0.05) and haugh units was significantly higher (p<0.05), egg shape index and egg yolk index were no difference among environmental temperature treatments. In blood traits, blood hematocrit and concentrations of sodium, total calcium, inorganic phosphorus, total protein, globulin, thyroxine, estradiol of plasma in constant temperature were significantly lower (p<0.05), the concentrations of plasma of birds raised potassium and rectal temperature of birds received contant moderate temperature were significantly lower (p<0.05) among treatments

Topics: Taiwan country chicken, Breeder hens, Ambient temperature, Laying performance, Reproductive performance, 台灣土雞, 種母雞, 環境溫度, 產蛋性能, 繁殖性能
Publisher: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Year: 2014
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