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Study on Evaluation of Sulfamethazine Content in Duck's Liver Powder Using Self-Developed Near Infrared System

By Kuang-Wen Hsieh, Jian-wei Huang, Perng-Kwei Lei, 謝廣文, 黃建瑋 and 雷鵬魁


本研究以近紅外光技術(Near Infrared Spectroscopy, NIR)針對鴨肝粉中磺胺二甲嘧啶(Sulfamethazine, SMT)之殘留量進行掃描光譜。以自組近紅外線光譜分析儀,來量測鴨肝粉中SMT殘留量的反射光譜,以了解NIR對微量物的檢驗極限。利用多重線性迴歸(MLR)、修正之部份最小平方迴歸(MPLSR)、部份最小平方迴歸(PLSR)、主成份迴歸(PCR)等模式,以光譜進行迴歸分析再與實際SMT濃度值進行比較。本研究樣本濃度從0.001ppm至10ppm共有70個,以自組近紅外線光譜分析儀進行550至1100nm的光譜掃瞄。實驗結果顯示,校正組建立之校正方程式在選取四個波長組合,進行最佳模式分析其中以MPLSR之結果為最佳,其校正決定係數為0.864、標準校正誤差為1.206、相對校正誤差為1.978%、標準差為3.125;而其預測決定係數為0.858、標準預測誤差為1.201、相對預測誤差為2.12%、標準差與標準預測誤差之比值為2.602,其值越大表示預測結果越佳。當SMT濃度為1ppm以上時即可有效預測出SMT殘留量之濃度。The near infrared (NIR) technology was applied to determine the Sulfamethazine (SMT) concentration of duck's liver powder in this study. The reflectance absorbance spectra of duck's liver powder were scanned by the selfdeveloped NIR spectrometer, and were analyzed to evaluate the limitation of the prediction ability for the low concentration of the measuring object. The prediction models of SMT concentration were analyzed by multi-linear regression (MLR), modified partial least square regression (MPLSR), partial least square regression (PLSR) and principle component regression (PCR) through spectra then made comparison between the actual SMT values and predicted values. The SMT concentrations of 70 samples were varied from 0.001 ppm to 10 ppm. The calibration results of MPLSR, using the spectra with the first derivative math-treatment and wavelength range from 550 to 1100 nm, were the best according to the prediction accuracy. The calibration coefficient of determination (R(subscript c^2)) was equal to 0.864, the standard error of calibration (SEC) was equal to 1.206, and the relative standard error of calibration (RSEC) was equal to 1.978% for the calibration sets. The coefficient of determination of prediction (R(subscript p^2)) was equal to 0.858, standard deviation was equal to 3.125, the standard error of prediction (SEP) was equal to 1.201, the relative standard error of prediction (RSEP) was equal to 2.12%, and ratio of standard deviation to SEP (PRD) was equal to 2.602 for the prediction sets. This study verified the evaluating limitation of SMT concentration of duck's powder by the self-developed NIR system was 1 ppm

Topics: 磺胺二甲嘧碇, 近紅外光光譜分析儀, Sulfamethazine, NIR spectrometer
Publisher: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Year: 2014
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