Morphological statistics of salt pans and its indication for the development of salt marsh


利用gIS技术和遥感图像分析技术对英国诺福克(nOrfOlk)盐沼保护区的gOOglE EArTH历史图像进行了盐盘形态特征的提取和分析,并利用不同时间段的图像做了对比分析,获取了该试验区的盐盘变化特征。主要结论有:(1)通过gOOglE EArTH图像与现场gPS数据以及航片的比对,发现在英国诺福克郡盐沼区gOOglE EArTH图像能够反映盐沼地貌信息;(2)利用gOOglE EArTH图像对英国诺福克盐沼区的盐盘形态信息进行了提取,发现该地区盐盘面积平均值为18.14 M2,周长平均为25.11 M,另外60 M2是盐盘面积的上限,80 M是盐盘周长的上限,同时盐盘基本呈现椭圆形;(3)通过1999年与2006年gOOglE EArTH历史图像的比较,发现在此期间诺福克地区的盐盘的主要变化是以新生盐盘为主,盐盘总面积也出现了增加,盐沼净面积减少,说明由于盐盘的扩张导致盐沼内部的破碎化,使得盐沼出现了退化。This study selected an experimental region in the North Norfolk salt marsh,Eastern England,where a large number of salt pans occur.The aim of this study was to investigate the geometry and the dynamic changes of salt pans,using GIS technique and remote sensing image analysis.Successive Google Earth images,aerial photographs and in situ GIS data were compared in this study.The results showed that:(1)the comparison between Google Earth images,aerial photographs and in situ observations revealed that Google Earth image was able to provide geometric information of salt pans in the study area;(2)the analysis on Google Earth images showed that the average area of salt pans was 18.14 m2 with an upper limit of 60 m2,and the average perimeter was 25.11 m with an upper limit of 80 m;and(3)the analysis on dynamic changes of the total area of salt pans and the salt marsh showed that the study area was degrading,and this was associated with the increase of salt pans on the North Norfolk salt marsh.国家自然科学基金青年项目(41006047); 福建省自然科学基金项目(2010J01265

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This paper was published in Xiamen University Institutional Repository.

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