Antitumour activities of natural dinene compounds


采用MTT快速比色法,以长春碱(VInblASTInE,Vlb)为阳性对照,研究了36种从中草药中分离提取的天然二萜类化合物对三种不同癌细胞(肝癌SMMC-7721、肺腺癌l(342)、胃腺癌MCC80-3)生长的抑制活性。结果表明:6种二萜类化合物抗肿瘤活性强度与其化学结构密切相关;其中E(18)、E(21)和E(13)的抑瘤活性强度比长春碱强,顺序为:E(18)~E(21)>E(13)>Vlb>E(19)>V8>E(12);酯酰化取代基是影响其抗肿瘤活性强度的主要官能团。Using the MTT colorimetric assay, we studied acntitumour activities of 6 natural dinene compounds on three diFFerent tumour cell lines vs well-known antitumour drug, vinblastine (VLB).The results is that antitumour activities of the 6 dinene compounds are related with their chemical structures; the rank of their antitumour activities is; E18~E21 >E13>VLB>E19>V8>E12, acethyl moiety on the 6 dinene compounds is the Funcational group

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This paper was published in Xiamen University Institutional Repository.

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