Study on Silicides in Cuticle of Rice Straw by Means of XPS(Ⅰ)


对稻草茎部和叶鞘的外表面及穗轴等进行了皮层硅化物的X射线光电子能谱(XPS)研究。结果表明,所研究的几个部位皮层中,自外至里,硅化物的含量及分布具有相同的规律性;茎部皮层外表面硅化物的含量(面积)最低,但半峰宽则比皮层内部高;叶鞘及穗轴的皮层外表面硅化物的含量及半峰宽均比其皮层内部低。初步测定表明,所有部位中的硅化物均为无机硅化物,不同部位硅化物的组成不同;但各测定点的半峰宽都明显高于基准值1.57,说明在测定范围内的硅化物均是由两种或两种以上的硅化物组成的。因此,对各部位的S I2P峰均需进行分峰拟合分析才能得到正确的结果。The silicides in the outer surface cuticle of rice straw stem and leaf sheath as well as the cuticle of rice shaft were researched by means of XPS.The results showed that the content profile of silicides in the above parts of rice stem are in the same pattern.The outer surface of the rice stem cuticle has the lower silicide content and higher full-width at half-maximum(FWHM) than that in the inner cuticle layers.The outer-surfaces of cuticle of leaf sheath and rice shaft show lower silicide content and FWHM than that in the inner layers of the cuticle.Our preliminary studies showed that all silicides are inorganic silicides but they have different composition in different parts of rice straw.Because of the FWHM of the Si2P peaks of the tested samples is obviously higher than the standard value of 1.57,the silicides in all above parts must be consisted of two or more than two sorts of silicides,and all Si2P peaks have to be further demonstrated by peak-differentating and imitating analysis.国家自然科学基金(20277012)资助项

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