Preliminary identification of Envelope Protein VP32 and Collagen-like protein CLP of White Spot Syndrome Virus


对虾白斑综合症病毒(whitespotsyndromevirus,WSSV)是一种具有囊膜、无包涵体的杆状型双链环状DNA病毒,Nimaviridae属Whispovirus种中唯一的物种,也是严重危害对虾养殖业的最主要病原。 目前我们的研究主要围绕WSSV的蛋白功能开展研究。这是因为病毒蛋白参与病毒的形态构成、对宿主细胞的入侵、增殖等一系列活动,并在其中扮演了重要角色。 本论文研究分为以下两个部分: (1)质谱发现病毒膜蛋白VP32是ORFwsv198的编码产物。我们构建了融合表达载体pGEX-2Th-vp32和pMAL-vp32并分别在E.coliBL-21菌株中表达纯化了GST-V...White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) is a large, rod-shaped, enveloped double-stranded DNA virus. The WSSV has been classified to be the sole species of Whispovirus in genus of Nimaviridae, and the main pathogen harming shrimp industry. At present, our research mainly focuses on the main proteins of WSSV. These proteins play important roles in the formation construction, invasion, proliferation, etc...学位:理学硕士院系专业:生命科学学院生物学系_细胞生物学学号:2012005130206

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