Aboriginality of folk religion in South-East China


民间信仰是中国东南地区社会人文的重要组成部分。东南民间“万物有灵”的自然崇拜与“好巫尚鬼”的救生巫神崇拜内涵中有诸多不同于中原北方汉人民间信仰的特异现象。长期以来,东南地区民间信仰的特异现象并没有得到应有的关注,多数学者认为它们是中原华夏、汉民族的宗教文化传播到东南之后变异的结果。然而,随着考古所揭露的东南土著民族原始宗教内涵的不断认识,我们注意到,现代东南“汉民”社会民间信仰中的这些特异现象与史前、先秦东南土著原始宗教的诸多内涵相同,二者有一脉相承的关系。近现代东南土著后裔各族群的民族志资料也显示,其传承于土著先民的传统宗教文化与东南“汉民”社会民间信仰文化有着不容忽视的共同性,它从一个侧面...Folk religion is the important aspect of social culture in South-East China, where the nature worship and the belief of ghosts and gods are popular and special. The folk religion in South-East China is different from it in North Plain in many aspects. But these differences have been ignored for a long time because most scholars considered them to be the transformation of Han nationnality’s religio...学位:法学博士院系专业:人文学院历史学系_人类学学号:1032006015291

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