A Study of A Fifth Century Poet:Xie Hui-lian


谢惠连是南朝刘宋时期著名文学家,其创作在当时及以后都有一定的影响,形成所谓“谢惠连体”。族兄谢灵运与其交谊甚深,并为之揄扬,其行为、思想等对谢惠连的人生道路影响深刻。南朝梁简文帝萧纲对谢惠连的诗歌也很看重,并心摩手追,有若干仿作,这对谢惠连作品的流传产生了积极作用。此外,历代诗评家、诗选家对谢惠连作品也较为重视。本论文着力于分析谢惠连生平家世及创作情况,对关于谢惠连的相关研究成果进行梳理,对相关争议问题进行初步辨明,并探讨谢惠连作品在中国文学史上的地位影响。本论文由五部分组成:第一章考察谢惠连生平、仕履、交游情况,并重点分析谢惠连与谢灵运交谊。第二章考察谢惠连个性、才艺、政治态度,论述谢惠连儒...The essay is mainly about an outstanding poet in China named Xie Hui-lian(407-433). He was a noted poet in the Liu Song Dynasty. His poetry is collected in the most prestigious and influential anthologies in the Southern Dynasty: Wenxuan and Yutaixinyong. With the purpose of getting insight into the extraordinary poet Xie Hui-lian and his poetry, this essay tries to put forward new views through d...学位:文学硕士院系专业:人文学院中文系_中国古代文学学号:2005130004

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