The Exploration on the Ecosystem Ethics Thought of Marcuse


马尔库塞认为,随着时间的推移,时代已经发生了一系列的变化,资本主义社会的主题已不再是马克思所处那个年代的主题了,资本主义社会通过技术等相关途径已经解决了以前存在的一系列矛盾和危机。但是,这并不代表资本主义社会中已经不存在矛盾和危机,旧的矛盾和危机虽然解决了,可又很快陷入了新的矛盾和危机当中,即生态伦理危机。 本文试图通过将散落在马尔库塞各个时期著作中,涉及到生态伦理思想的部分进行系统的归类和整理。在此基础上,进一步探求他是在何种背景下提出资本主义社会的生态伦理危机,并从何种角度进行披露和揭发,以及在他看来应采取何种途径去解决这些问题的。主要思路如下: 引言,主要介绍国内外对马尔库塞生态伦理...Marcuse thinks that along with the change of time, the ages have already taken place the variety of a series, the topic of the capitalism society was no longer the topic that the age of Marx, the capitalism society has already solved a series of antinomy and crisis existed in the past through the related path such as a technique. But, this doesn't represent in the capitalism society there is alrea...学位:哲学硕士院系专业:人文学院哲学系_马克思主义哲学学号:20040500

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