On Advantages and Disadvantages in Province-led and Municipality-led Co-constructed Universities----A Research on Reform of Management System in Newly-upgraded Universities


摘要:自1999年至今,新建地方本科院校陆续兴办已有十个年头,在其转型发展期间,经历诸多的磨合与蜕变,呈现“昨日之我,非今日之我”之态势。有关新建地方本科院校问题的研究也方兴未艾,其中,管理体制作为制约高等学校发展的重要因素,一直备受高等教育理论研究者和实践者的关注。尤其对于正处在转型发展期的新建地方本科院校而言,管理体制改革问题是一个值得探讨的研究课题。 在探究新建地方本科院校管理体制改革的问题上,本文针对新建地方本科院校在实践办学中,出现“省市共建,以省为主”和“省市共建,以市为主”的两种新型的并存的管理体制,从理论和实践两个层面对两种不同管理体制进行考察比较,分析其对新建地方本科院校发...ABSTRACT: From 1999 till now, the newly-upgraded local universities have been existing for more than ten years. During the course of their transition and development, they have experienced lots of changes, and they demonstrate that they are not what they were yesterday. The research on the problems concerning these newly-upgraded universities is well underway. The management system, as the major ...学位:教育学硕士院系专业:教育研究院_高等教育学学号:X200628001

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