Study of Reaction Processes of Nitric Oxide on Bulk and Nano Structured Platinum Electrode in Acid Solutions


在环境污染控制的废水或废气处理中,NO是无污染催化氧化和还原处理过程中的重要中间产物。同时NO的吸附具有结构敏感性,利用NO作为探针分子可以探测不同的电极表面结构,有助于筛选高性能的催化剂。本论文运用电化学循环伏安、原位红外光谱等技术研究了酸性介质中吸附态NO和溶液相NO在纳米Pt电极表面的还原和氧化过程,将NO作为探针分子研究了不同结构纳米Pt电极的表面结构效应,并初步探索了CO和NO在Pt电极上的共吸附条件。主要结果如下: 1.Pt电极表面吸附态NO(NOad)在SNIFTIRS谱图中给出两对左高右低的双极谱峰。正向谱峰峰位位于1809cm-1,负向谱峰峰位约为1720cm-1的双极峰归...In the process of waste water treatment, NO is a key intermediate in the catalytic study. NO can also be served as a model molecule to study the surface structure of the electrode, which is helpful to prepare high performance catalysts. The reduction and oxidation process of both adsorbed NO and solution NO on the Pt nanocrystals in acid media and the surface structure effect of Pt nanocrystals we...学位:理学硕士院系专业:化学化工学院化学系_物理化学(含化学物理)学号:2052007115093

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