The Study on Business Model Innovation of Container Shipping Enterprises


随着世界经济增长放缓、主要经济体消费能力下降、船舶运力过剩、燃油成本剧增等因素的影响,面临巨大压力的集装箱航运企业纷纷开始寻求创新,以应对日益激烈的市场竞争。因此,研究商务模式创新在集装箱航运企业的应用具有重要的意义。 本文引用的理论是翁君奕教授的商务模式创新理论,采用的研究方法是案例分析法。首先介绍集装箱运输的发展和集装箱航运企业的概况。然后引入商务模式创新的基本理论,按商务模式理论分析集装箱航运企业的经营环境,并对集装箱航运企业的商务模式创新进行分解,阐明各核心界面要素的作用。最后通过三组商务模式创新的典型案例对航运企业核心界面要素进行分析,研究商务模式创新中指向不同界面的价值主张、价值...The world economy grows slowly, the consume ability also slows down, and the ship transit power is superfluous, fuel oil cost increases. Being confronted with all these pressure, container shipping companies search for innovation to cope with the competitive market. So the study on business models innovation of shipping enterprises is very important. This article is based on the business models ...学位:工程硕士院系专业:管理学院管理科学系_物流工程学号:X20043700

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