A Study on the Structure of Xiamen English Training Industry: Analysis Based on SCP Model


随着时代的发展,以及我国国际化的步伐越来越快,英语作为一门国际通用语言已经越来越受到人们的重视,成了中国学校普遍开设且学程最长的科目。除了两亿多学生之外,还有难以数计的成人乃至幼儿在学习英语。虽然说自改革开放以来,我国的英语教育取得了长足的进展,但社会各个阶层对英语的教育和培训需求越来越大,公办教育体系所提供的英语学习机会越来越不能满足人们日益高涨的英语学习需求,因此就有了近年来五花八门的英语培训班的出现,而且逐渐形成产业化和规模化的英语培训市场。 据专家预测,2007年国内英语培训市场的市场总值大约是150亿元,全国的英语培训机构总数量达到了50000家,到2010年我国英语培训市场总值将...Nowadays, with the rapid economic development, China has more and more communication with other countries. English is an international language and get a lot of more focus from current society; it becomes a very popular subject at school. There are more than two hundred million of students studying English, including adult and child. Though English education in China has lots of improvement after ...学位:工商管理硕士院系专业:管理学院工商管理教育中心(MBA中心)_工商管理硕士(MBA)学号:20041516

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