Studies on Alkaline Extraction and Acid Precipitation Process of Polyphenols from Longan Seeds and Identification of the Extracts


为了更合理有效的开发利用龙眼核多酚资源,本文尝试采用碱提酸沉工艺提取龙眼核多酚,初步鉴定了龙眼核多酚提取物的主要成分,对其抗氧化和自由基清除能力进行了评价。 选择低成本,浸取效果较好的磷酸钠缓冲液为浸取溶剂,确定了龙眼核前处理的最优干燥条件为50℃下干燥30h,利用响应面法对浸取工艺进行优化:磷酸钠缓冲液pH=11、浓度10mM,浸取温度70℃,料液比1:40,浸取时间25min。在此工艺条件下龙眼核多酚的浸出率为46.86±0.43mg/g,达到理论预测值的103.67%,同时达到水/乙醇浸提工艺的98.17%。 对龙眼核多酚的酸法沉淀分离工艺进行了优化,得到了最优的工艺条件为:将过滤后...A process of alkaline extraction and acid precipitation was adopted in this paper in an attempt to extract polyphenols from longan seeds. The process was optimized and the components were preliminarily identified. The antioxidant activity and free radical scavenging capacity of longan seeds polyphenols were evalued finally. Sodium phosphate buffer, as a low-cost solvent with better extraction c...学位:工学硕士院系专业:化学化工学院_化学工程学号:2062010115144

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