Regulation Mechanism of the Carbon and Nitrogen on Astaxanthin Synthesis in Phaffia rhodozyma by Proteomics


随着人类对天然虾青素需求的不断扩大,红发夫酵母以其易于培养的优点被选作当前虾青素生产极具潜力的微生物。过去研究发现培养基中氮源对红发夫酵母虾青素合成有明显的影响,低氮能够促进红发夫酵母合成虾青素。因此,本论文研究了碳氮源对红发夫酵母生长及虾青素产量的影响,继而采用蛋白质组学技术研究在碳氮源调控下红发夫酵母细胞表达的差异蛋白,筛选出响应碳氮源的关键蛋白质,并从分子水平上初步探索碳氮源调控机制。 首先,本论文在对碳氮比优化时发现初始葡萄糖浓度对红发夫酵母中虾青素的积累有很大的影响,在氮源浓度一定的条件下,高浓度葡萄糖可促进红发夫酵母生物量的积累及虾青素产量的提高,但虾青素的比产率却较低浓度葡萄糖...With the increasing demand of human beings for natural astaxanthin, Phaffia rhodozyma which was easily cultured was chosen as the most potential production microorganism. The initial nitrogen source remarkably affected astaxanthin biosynthesis in P. rhodozyma. Low nitrogen content also promoted the biosynthesis of astaxanthin of P. rhodozyma. Therefore, this study aimed to reveal the differential...学位:工学硕士院系专业:化学化工学院_生物化工学号:2062010115150

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