Design and Implementation of Automatic Assessment System for Grass-roots Tax Law Enforcement Responsibility


国家税务总局《税收执法责任制范本》的出台,为规范和监督税务机关的税收行政执法活动给出了明确、细化的指标。但相对于庞大的税收征管业务,采取手工的方式进行考核难以达到《税收执法责任制范本》中规定的要求。如何按照范本的规定,通过信息化技术规范税收执法行为,对各执法事项进行全过程、全方位的实时监督,全面、客观地反映税务人员的执法水平成为各级税务部门关注的主要问题。 针对此问题,本文开发了基层税收执法责任制自动考核系统。全文按照软件工程的思想进行组织,详细分析了税收执法责任制考核的背景、课题研究的目的意义以及国内外研究现状,用户业务需求以及税收执法责任制计算机自动考核系统的功能和非功能性需求,明确了系...The State Administration of Taxation of the tax law enforcement responsibility system "model" adopted, to give tax administrative law enforcement regulations and supervision of tax authorities clearly, refinement of the index. But compared with the huge tax collection and administration of business, take the manual way of assessing difficult to achieve "provisions of the tax law enforcement respon...学位:工程硕士院系专业:软件学院_工程硕士(软件工程)学号:X201123107

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