The AC impedance Analysis for Pluse Oxide Film of Aluminium Alloy


本 文采用宽 频阻抗 法首次测 得了 铝合 金表 面 脉冲 氧化 膜 的 Bode 图 .实 验表 明: 脉冲氧化膜 与直流 氧化膜的 主要差别 在于多 孔层,脉 冲氧化膜 比较 均匀, 基本 无缺 陷.通 过显 微观 察及 V I 特性 曲线等测 定手段, 进一步佐 证了交 流阻抗测 试的部分 结果.Bode diagrams for aluminum PC (abbreviated from pulse current) oxide films were first obtained by AC impedance measurements in a wide range of frequency.The experimental results show that different kinds of electrical equivalent circuits can be used for representing PC films and DC (abbreviated from direct current) oxide films separately,the main differences between them are their porous layers,the PC films are more even with little defects.Those are also verified by SEM and V I characteristic curve measurements.作者联系地址:山东工业大学化学工程系!济南250061,山东工业大学化学工程系!济南250061,山东工业大学化学工程系!济南250061Author's Address: Dept.of Chem.Eng.,Shangdong University of Technology Jinan 25006

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