Detection of point mutations of Axin gene and its expression in gliomas


目的 检测胶质瘤中Axin基因的点突变及其表达情况 ,初步探讨Axin与胶质瘤发生的关系。方法 采用聚合酶链反应 单链构象多态性 (PCR SSCP)技术及DNA测序方法检测Axin基因外显子 8,9及 10在 2 8例胶质瘤中的突变情况 ;同时对上述胶质瘤及正常脑组织进行免疫组化染色。结果 在 2 8例胶质瘤组织中Axin的第 10个外显子共有 6例样本 (2 1.4 % ) 3处发生了错义突变 ;3例 3处发生了同义突变 ;2 8例胶质瘤中 8例 (2 8.6 % )Axin表达阳性 ,正常脑组织中神经元表达阳性 ,神经胶质细胞表达阴性 ,检测到突变的样本中 1例表达阳性。结论 Axin基因的点突变可能参与胶质瘤的发生 【英文摘要】 Objective To detect the point mutations of Axin gene and its expression in glioma and explore the relationship between Axin gene and the occurrence of human glioma.Methods The point mutations of exon 8,9,10 of Axin gene were analyzed in 28 cases of glioma by polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism(PCR-SSCP) analysis, silver staining and DNA sequencing. Immunohistochemistry was used to detect the Axin expression in these cases and normal brain tissues.Results Three missense poi...高等学校骨干教师计划资助项目;; 归国留学人员科研启动基金资助项目 (1 999747

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