A Study on Male Hypogonadism Report II : Testicular Tissue


In the 1st division of report I related the resul t s of our researches about the seminal vesiculograms on male hypogonadisms and proposed a new morphological classification of the seminal vesicles. In this secti o n, the histological pictures of the testicular tissues on male hypogonadisms have been drawn and we have classified as in Table 1, but this classification is throughly theoretical and so camplicate to apply to the usual clinical treatments that we have modified it as Group A, B and C. Classification A B C Testicular Seminiferous disturbance normal disturb ance tissue tubule Interstitial normal disturbance disturbance tissue Group A correspo n ds to the case of azospermia and oligospermia which induce male sterility, but the androgenic activity and sexual disire are perfectly normal. The cases of this group almost occur after the puberty, and are a s sumingly the same types as Dr. Heller's hypergonadotropic hypogonadism. Group B corresponds to the conditions with normal F S H excretion lacking only in L H excretion and is considered as the partial gonadotropic failure, for instance, fertile eunuchs (McCullagh). Group C corresponds to more than half of the cases of male hypogonadisms. The author has had experiences of 32 cases in which the patien t s complained sterility and sexual disturbances, as Tabale 3 shows. Group C is the first in number (75 . 0%), Group A the second (18.8%) and Group B the last (3.1%). F r om the above mentioned experiences, the testicular histology of other various cljseases of sexual disturbances are as follows by our classification. Group A Del Castillo's syndrome, Impotence, Male climacteric, Delayed puberty, Various casualty after puberty (Atomic bomb i n g , X ray etc). Group B Fertile eunuchs, Impotence, Male climacteric Group C Cryptorchism, Eunuchoidism, Idiopathic eunuchoidism, Klinefelter's syndrome, Dystrophia adiposoge nitalis, Impotence, Male climacteric, Turner's s y n d rome, various casualty after pubert

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