Overall migration and kinetics of release of antioxidant compounds from citrus extract-based active packaging


Overall migration (OM) tests were conducted on an antioxidant active packaging prepared by coating plasma pre-treated and untreated polyethylene terepthalate (PET) trays with a Citrus extract. The release of antioxidant compounds into food simulants was measured to permit their subtraction from OM values in line with active packaging legislation. The results demonstrated the compliance of the packaging with the limit for OM for plastic material in contact with food. The validity of the procedure for OM in aqueous food simulants was questioned, with the loss of volatile compounds during evaporation of the simulant resulting in an underestimation of total compounds released. The study showed a total release of 75% of the Citrus extract coating into water and 25% into oil, which decreased to 45% and 12.5% respectively following the plasma pre-treatment of the trays.JRC.I.1-Chemical Assessment and Testin

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