Sensitivity analysis of linear networks


Network functions and sensitivity expressions for linear networks are reviewed for networks with single unilateral or bilateral immittances and the corresponding extension to the general case of n variable immittances. The sensitivity expression is exact and suitable for the analysis of networks with either small or large variation of parameters. A method is proposed for minimizing sensitivity using the exact expression. The general linear network is studied in various aspects like changes on frequency, variation of elements or mixed variation of frequency and network components. By proper network transformation and synthesis, it is possible to design a network with minimum sensitivity even if the variation in immittance is large. Generally, for small or incremental variation of immittance, the sensitivity of the network function remains invariant . However, this theorem does not hold in cases of large variation. Normally, the ·range of sensitivity for which a network is to operate, is specified. It follows that the elements and parameters composing the network have certain ranges. It was determined that with specified range of sensitivity, the allowable range of values for the parameters of the network can be computed., Philippine NavyApproved for public release; distribution is unlimited

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