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By Wahyu Donri Tinambunan


The study in this research on the local legislative oversight of the financial management of local government in the city of Pekanbaru. The problem of this research is how the supervision of the management of regional parliament in the city of Pekanbaru government? What factors are an obstacle supervision of Parliament, and how the efforts made to overcome the obstacles supervision. This type of research is done in this paper is considered normative legal research that focuses on the positive legal norms and descriptive analytic with respect to laws and regulations governing the supervision of City Council in overseeing the financial management of the city administration, so this study is not to test hypotheses, or theory, but with reference to the laws that exist. Writing has several conclusions, supervision Parliament to do with the stage of planning, execution, and reporting of budgets, supervision constraint factors that comprise the internal constraints and external constraints, and efforts were made to overcome the obstacles of supervision is to provide knowledge about the members of parliament budgetary, educational factors associated with there is equivalency competence, conduct seminars on a regular basis, to enable members of Parliament to meet directly with the community, to renew the mindset of political parties and parliament secretariat provides a library for members of parliament. The advice can be associated with this paper is, the implementation process is also expected to give the role of the public and the media to participate as a tool for control of Parliament, the goal also emphasizes a transparent and open process. At the reporting stage, all parties should waive aspects of interest groups, which explained that the results of the monitoring report at this time there is no substantial problem, since there is a reciprocal relationship between the executive and the legislature for the purposes of elections, of course, this attitude has led to a process that is not true. Members of Parliament could be given a briefing or academic initiatives for members of parliament, as a performance upgrade, the members of the secretariat in accordance with the requirements, and have high competence in managing the affairs legislators, Parliament advised to open / provide avenues of communication that each as easily accessible, inexpensive, and widely by the people to express their aspirations and information to Parliament

Topics: Hukum Ketatanegaraan
Year: 2013
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