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By Ricky Nicolas Siahaan


The evolution of design and fashion in Yogyakarta has always been showing the significant progress day by day. It is shown by the rise of numbers of garment companies established there. One of them is Rustler Clothing Company, which design and produce the updated clothing for Youth and Teenagers, and kind of accessories. As its marketing policy, Rustler Clothing Company goes to build the relationship with Slacker Distro Store, which is called Consignment Agreement. In fact, the agreement doesn’t always meet the policy. Sometimes there are disabilities action can be found that direct one side of them in to the “default” condition. Thus, considering this case, this research is entitled “The Remedy of the Default Side in Dealing the Consignment Agreement at Slacker Distro Store”.The Remedy here means that all the effort in reaching out the purpose or figuring out the problems occurred according to the applicable laws in this country. While, Default meaning is the failure, carelessness and neglecting for an agreement. Further, Consignment meaning is taking care the goods from the producer to the distributors in order to sell the goods with the payment at the dealing limit date. This research is done to find out and to analyze the regulation between the rights and obligations of the two parties, the risk, default and the limit, and also to identify and analyze the remedy that will be taken for effected person of default in the implementation of Consignment Agreement at Slackers Distro Store. Hopefully, this research will bring many advantages for the development of some fields, such as economy and business, and also for the businessmen who are dealing with the Consignment Agreement stuff, especially for the Slacker Distro Store and Rustler Clothing Company. This research uses Empiric Law Research Method, which is focused to the human and society behavior. All the laws used in this research are also based on the statute book of civil law. This research uses the analysis method that is written based on the verbal communication with the informants, then described in the sentences. Furthermore, the data will be processed and concluded using the Inductive Method of thinking, which characteristically bases the general things then comes to the specific ones. The conclusion is drawn to find out the solution of the effected parties in the implementation of Consignment Agreement at Slackers Distro Store. The ways are to negotiate find out the solution, and then determine the amount of the loss that will be paid at that time. Finally, the suggestion form this research is in dealing with the Consignment Agreement stuff, it should involve the two side parties so that the misunderstanding will not be happened in the future and no party will feel aggrieved because the is a balance between the rights and the obligations. That should be also discussed clearly, when it comes to the regulation for the loss assessment and the detail amount stated

Topics: Ekonomi Bisnis
Year: 2012
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Provided by: UAJY repository

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