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A swarm of B s

By U.S.A. NJ 08854 Piscataway Rutgers University Jared A. EvansNew High Energy Theory Center


New physics signals containing five or more b -tagged jets, but without T or leptons, could realistically be sitting within the current 8 TeV LHC data set without receiving meaningful constraints from any of the existing LHC searches at either ATLAS or CMS. This work provides several examples of simple, motivated models that yield final states containing many b -jets. To study the potential for uncovering new physics in these high b -jet multiplicity channels, this paper focuses on a natural supersymmetry scenario where each of the pair-produced stops decays to an on-shell chargino, which subsequently decays via an MFV-motivated, R -parity violating coupling. This gives rise to an eight-jet final state containing six b -quarks. Although no public measurements exist, estimates indicate that the standard model backgrounds in high b -jet multiplicity channels should be very small. To circumvent the background uncertainty, an asymmetric method is presented that utilizes two different techniques to conservatively exclude or to discover new physics in high b -jet multiplicity final states

Year: 2014
DOI identifier: 10.1007/JHEP08(2014)073
OAI identifier:

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