Excitation functions of spin correlation parameters ANN, ASS, and ASL in elastic pol.p pol.p scattering between 0.45 and 2.5 GeV


Excitation functions of the spin correlation coefficients A(NN)(p(lab),theta(c.m.)),A(SS)(p(lab),theta(c.m.)), and A(SL)(p(lab),theta(c.m.)) have been measured with the polarized proton beam of the Cooler Synchrotron and an internal polarized atomic beam target. Data were taken continuously during the acceleration for proton momenta p(lab) ranging from 1000 to 3300 MeV/c (kinetic energies T-lab 450-2500 MeV) as well as for discrete momenta of 1430 MeV/c and above 1950 MeV/c covering angles theta(c.m.) between 30(degrees) and 90(degrees). The data are of high internal consistency. Whereas A(SL)(p(lab,)theta(c.m.)) is small and without structures in the whole range, A(NN) and, even more, A(SS) show a pronounced energy dependence. The angular distributions for A(SS) are at variance with predictions of existing phase-shift analyses at energies beyond 800 MeV. The impact of our results on phase-shift solutions is discussed. The direct reconstruction of the scattering amplitudes from all available pp elastic scattering data considerably reduces the ambiguities of solutions

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