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Interactive application independent data processing using synthetic filesystems

By Clas Rurik


In this thesis a software system is proposed that provides transparent access to dynamically processed data using a synthetic filesystem for the data transfer as well as interaction with the processing pipeline. Within this context the architecture for such a software solution has been designed and implemented. Using this implementation various profiling measurements have been acquired in order to evaluate the applicability in different data processing scenarios. Usability aspects, considering the interaction with the processing pipeline, have been examined as well. The implemented software is able to generate the processing result on-the-fly without modification of the original input data. Access to the output data is provided by means of a common filesystem interface without the need of implementing yet another communication protocol. Within the processing pipeline the data can be accessed and modified independently from the actual input and output encoding. Currently the data can be modified using a C/C++, GLSL or Java front end. Profiling data has shown that the overhead induced by the filesystem is negligible for most usage patterns and is only critical for realtime processing with a high data throughput e. g. video processing at or above 30 frames per second where typically no file operations are involved

Topics: Anwendung, Datenverarbeitung, ddc:610
Publisher: Heilbronn : Hochschule Heilbronn
Year: 2013
OAI identifier: oai:opus-hshn:61

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