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Fault and magmatic interaction within Iceland's western rift over the last 9kyr

By J.M. Bull, T.A. Minshull, N.C. Mitchell, K. Thors, J.K. Dix and A.I. Best


We present high-resolution 'Chirp' sub-bottom profiler data from Thingvallavatn, a lake in Iceland's western rift zone. These data are combined with stratigraphic constraints from sediment cores to show that movement on normal faults since 9 ka are temporally correlated with magmatic events, indicating that movements were controlled by episodic dyke intrusion. Sediment depo-centres and the focus of subsidence migrated westwards over 3-4 kyr towards the locus of subsequent brittle failure. We interpret this subsidence as related to dyke intrusion a few km along strike, originating from the Hengill volcanic system, which occurred prior to major dyking, faulting and subsidence within the lake at 1.9 ka

Topics: QE, GC
Year: 2003
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Provided by: e-Prints Soton

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