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Revisiting Loss Landscape for Adversarial Robustness

By Dongxian Wu, Yisen Wang and Shu-tao Xia


The study on improving the robustness of deep neural networks against adversarial examples grows rapidly in recent years. Among them, adversarial training is the most promising one, based on which, a lot of improvements have been developed, such as adding regularizations or leveraging unlabeled data. However, these improvements seem to come from isolated perspectives, so that we are curious about if there is something in common behind them. In this paper, we investigate the surface geometry of several well-recognized adversarial training variants, and reveal that their adversarial loss landscape is closely related to the adversarially robust generalization, i.e., the flatter the adversarial loss landscape, the smaller the adversarially robust generalization gap. Based on this finding, we then propose a simple yet effective module, Adversarial Weight Perturbation (AWP), to directly regularize the flatness of the adversarial loss landscape in the adversarial training framework. Extensive experiments demonstrate that AWP indeed owns flatter landscape and can be easily incorporated into various adversarial training variants to enhance their adversarial robustness further

Topics: Computer Science - Machine Learning, Computer Science - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Statistics - Machine Learning
Year: 2020
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