Lovelock black p-branes with fluxes


In this paper we construct compactifications of generic, higher curvature Lovelock theories of gravity over direct product spaces of the type $\mathcal{M}_D=\mathcal{M}_d \times \mathcal{S}^p $, with $D=d+p$ and $d\ge5$, where $\mathcal{S}^p$ represents an internal, Euclidean manifold of positive constant curvature. We show that this can be accomplished by including suitable non-minimally coupled $p-1$-form fields with a field strength proportional to the volume form of the internal space. We provide explicit details of this constructions for the Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet theory in $d+2$ and $d+3$ dimensions by using one and two-form fundamental fields, and provide as well the formulae that allows to construct the same family of compactification in any Lovelock theory from dimension $d+p$ to dimension $d$. These fluxed compactifications lead to an effective Lovelock theory on the compactfied manifold, allowing therefore to find, in the Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet case, black holes in the Boulware-Deser family.Comment: 16 pages, no figure

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This paper was published in arXiv.org e-Print Archive.

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