Side information -driven quantum composite control for protecting a qubit


We study protection of a qubit that transfer through a decoherence noise by quantum control technique. In this work, we assume that the communication participants have some side information about the qubit. Our aim is to take fully advantage of given side information to design a quantum control scheme that makes the output state close to the input state as better as possible. Especially, in this paper, we consider the quantum composite control (QCC) structure, which has shown to capture a better balance between fidelity and success probability, i.e., two essential measures for protection. Comparison has been made between our scheme and previous ones. We show there's advantages in two aspects. On one hand, when compared with the scheme that has taking fully consideration of classical side information but not quantum one, our scheme achieves higher fidelity. Inversely, when the scheme with quantum side information but not classical one is considered, our scheme also has nontrivial improvement

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