Furoic acid derivatives from the endophytic fungus Coniothyrium sp.


The endophytic fungus Coniothyrium sp. was isolated from leaves of Quercus robur. Fermentation of this fungus on solid rice medium yielded two new furoic acid derivatives (1 and 2) and two additional known compounds. The structures of the new compounds were determined by extensive analysis of 1D and 2D nuclear magnetic resonance spectra as well as high-resolution mass spectrometry data. Compound 1, containing three aromatic chromophores attached by rotatable sigma bonds and a chirality center in benzylic position, was found to be a scalemic mixture with an excess of the (S) enantiomer, the absolute configuration of which was elucidated as by the solution timedependent density functional theory-electronic circular dichroism approach. The ωB97X/TZVP PCM/MeCN and SOGGA11-X/TZVP SMD/MeCN methods were used for geometry reoptimization to reproduce the solution conformational ensemble. All isolated compounds were tested for their cytotoxicity but proved to be inactive

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