A Study on the Operation Performance of the Listed Companies of Foods Industry in Taiwan


[[abstract]]本研究主要使用多變量分析中的因素分析以及群集分析,探討從2006年到2010年之間台灣二十家上市食品公司的經營狀況,並嘗試從各項財務指標裡,找出影響公司營運績效的主要因素;本研究首先利用因素分析中的主成份法,將選取的十九個財務變數萃取出四個因素,分別為「獲利能力」、「資產規模」、「償債能力」還有「經營效能」;接著使用兩階段法群集分析,將因素得點當作群集變數,對五年間各家公司作分群,再利用變異數分析分別檢定各個因素是否在群集中有顯著的差異。最後對於每年各家公司不同的分群結果以時事佐證並加以分析說明;結果顯示,未來食品業者可以透過投資不同產業和多角化的經營、擴展中國市場,進而提高獲利能力,擁有更好的營運績效。[[abstract]]This research uses factor analysis and cluster analysis of multivariate analysis to probe into the operation performance of 20 listing foods industry in Taiwan from 2006 to 2010 Attempt to find out the main factor influencing the operation performance from variety of financial index Utilize principal component of factor analysis that simplify 19 financial variables as four factors The four factors are profitability the scale of the assets solvency and management efficiency Then use two-stage method of cluster analysis to analyze each company in five years We use factor score to divide five years of twenty companies into five groups and then apply analysis of variance to test whether each factor is significant among the groups separately Finally we explain the cluster analysis results with historic affairs The results show the foods companies can improve the profitability and operation performance by investing in other industries expanding China market and diversificatio

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