A research on the cooperation model of alliance relationship in a mobile banking industry chain from the perspective of resource characteristics


[[abstract]]隨著行動電話日益普及、無線通訊技術不斷創新,行動商務商機逐漸浮現,而行動銀行服務無疑是這股新興潮流中顧客最明確的需求。此外,策略聯盟近年來已成為企業成長、增加獲利的重要策略,企業藉由合作夥伴資源相互結合,帶來新業務的契機。因此,本研究主要目的係從「企業資源特性」、「策略聯盟動機」、「策略聯盟型態」以及「聯盟角色」探討目前國內行動銀行垂直與水平市場等相關產業在業務推動合作過程的相關看法,藉此歸納出企業進入行動銀行時可採用的商業模式。 本研究根據文獻歸納出目前國內行動銀行主要之商業運作模式有:行動設備製造商、無線網路系統提供者、加值卡系統提供者、行動銀行平台建置者、金融系統整合供應商以及金融服務供應商等六類。並利用個案研究法,針對行動銀行垂直市場中上下游代表產業進行訪談。 本研究結論歸納為:(1) 行動銀行商業模式之「企業資源特性」、「策略聯盟動機」和「聯盟角色」差異會顯著影響企業「策略聯盟型態」之形成。(2) 異業聯盟方式才是行動銀行能永久推動的合作模式。(3) 現階段以推廣STK行動銀行較適當。(4) 多媒體及個人化服務將成為未來行動銀行主要趨勢。之後並提出研究命題供實務界參考及後續學術研究使用,希望藉此提供企業了解如何由己身的資源優勢出發、並找出其合作動機和合作型態,來促成其行動商務模式運轉成功。[[abstract]]Due to cellular phones becoming popularization and wireless technology continuing innovation, the opportunity of mobile commerce has gradually appeared. Besides, strategic alliance recently becomes the important strategy of firms growing and profits increasing. Therefore, the main purpose of this research is to investigate perspectives of enterprise developing cooperation process from "enterprise resource characteristics", " strategic alliance motivation ", " strategic alliance typology" and "the role of alliance" in Taiwan mobile banking’s vertical and horizontal market, then generalizes the business model which mobile baking industry can adopt. According to literature studies we summarize the main business models of Taiwan mobile banking are: mobile device vendors, wireless network operators, SIM card system developers, mobile banking platform developers, financial system integration providers and financial service providers. This research uses case study method and interview with representative enterprise in mobile banking industry chain. Consequently, the research conclusions are: (1) The difference of mobile banking's business model between "enterprise resource characteristics", "strategic alliance motivation ", and "the role of alliance" has apparently influenced on the formation of strategic alliance typology. (2) Percompetitive alliance is the long-term strategic alliance typology in mobile banking industry. (3) STK (SIM application Tool Kit) mobile banking system is appropriate for this stage. (4) The future trend of mobile banking will toward multimedia service and personal service. The framework can be used by enterprise to understand how to develop competitive advantages and find out the cooperative motivations and cooperative typology that can promote the business model operating successfully

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