Improve the Dust Problem of Automation of Storage with Taguchi Method


[[abstract]]自動倉儲是目前多數製造業(如TFT產業)所必需的設備之一,尤其當倉儲用在無塵室環境的話,對於各機構運轉時產生的產塵(particle)抑制是非常重要的,普遍來講自動倉儲機構在作取、放卡匣時,卡匣和起重機的牙叉接觸時及卡匣和儲位接觸時都會產生產塵,若這些產塵掉在產品上的話則會影響產品的良率。 所以本文利用田口方法(Taguchi Method),找出一些影響的因子,用直交表(Orthogonal Array)做實驗,找出最佳組合因子並修正,以減少產塵的產生。田口實驗最主要是利用最少的實驗次數,得到信號/雜音比(Signal-to-Noise Ratio,S/N)後評估出最佳的實驗結果,以達到減少實驗時的成本支出。[[abstract]]The automation of storage is necessary for most manufacturing industries (such as the TFT industry) equipments. The yield rate of production will decrease due to the dust problem when the storage equipments work in the clean room. Hence, to suppress the dust (particles) is important issue. Generally speaking, the cartridge contacts with the fork of crane or reservoir will bring the contact-bits (particles) on the put-store cartridge stage. For decreasing the cost of experiments, the Taguchi method was employed. Because of the orthogonal array of Taguchi method can make most effective with the least number of experiments such that not only experimental time, but also the cost. The experimental results used the signal-to-noise ratio(S/N) to evaluate the quality of system stability, and the analysis of variance to evaluate the goal of quality through the design parameters, respectively

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