A Study of Cluster-Based Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Network


[[abstract]]Ad-Hoc 網路是由一群行動節點所組成的網路,節點之間的通訊不必透過基地台的轉接,所有通訊都是藉由彼此之間相互傳遞資料來達到溝通的目的,在一些無基地台支援的地區,例如戰場、災區等,這種網路模式就更顯得重要,在Ad-Hoc網路上主要會遇到的問題例如:動態拓樸的改變、頻寬、記憶體容量、電池,在這些資源有限的情況下,要如何有效率的利用這些資源是很重要的,路由在傳統有線網路上是個重要的研究議題,在Ad-Hoc網路上當然也不例外,目前在Ad-Hoc網路主要的路由方法有表格驅動式與需求驅動式,表格驅動式必須透過大量的控制訊息來維護路徑資訊,需求驅動式則是可以減少控制訊息和節省網路頻寬,可是在路徑取得上就不夠即時,如何有效的繞路來傳遞資料,在無線網路上是個重要的研究議題,本篇利用叢集架構的技術結合表格驅動式的優點,叢集與叢集之間透過叢集管理者利用表格驅動的方式來交換路由資訊,由於是經由叢集管理者來管理整個網路的路徑資訊,因此可以有效的減少封包的交換數量,在路徑取得上也有獲得改善。[[abstract]]Ad-Hoc network is formed by a group of nodes in the network operations, communication between nodes do not have to transit through the base station, all communications are through with each other to pass information to achieve the purpose of communication, Base stations in a number of non-support areas, such as battlefield, disaster, etc. This network model is all the more important, In the Ad-Hoc network will mainly encounter problems, such as: dynamic topology changes, bandwidth, memory capacity, battery, in these limited resources, how should be efficient use of these resources is very important , At present the main Ad-Hoc network routing method has the table-driven and demand-driven, Table-driven by a large number of control messages must be to maintain the path information, demand-driven is to reduce the control messages and save network bandwidth, but not on the path to achieve real-time, how effective detour to pass data, in wireless network is an important research topic, In this paper, table-driven technology combined with the use of cluster structure, cluster and between cluster head, through the use of table-driven clustering approach to exchange routing information, because after the cluster administrator to manage the entire network path information, in addition to routing information packets can be reduced exchange to the number of efficiency achieved in the path also been improved considerably

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