DNA methylation patterns at the IGF2-H19 locus in sperm of Swiss Landrace and Swiss Large White boars


DNA methylation patterns at the IGF2-H19 locus were investigated in sperm DNA from Swiss Landrace (SL) and Swiss Large White (LW) boars. The putative IGF2 differentially methylated regions (DMR) 0, 1 and 2, a quantitative trait nucleotide (QTN) region in the intron 3 and a CpG island in the intron 4 of the IGF2 gene as well as three regions around porcine CTCF binding sites within the H19 differentially methylated domain (DMD) were selected for the DNA methylation analysis. In both breeds putative IGF2 DMR0, 1, 2 and H19 DMD were hypermethylated. Significant differences in DNA methylation content were found between the two breeds in the two DMD regions proximal to the H19 gene. The IGF2 QTN region and the CpG island in the IGF2 intron 4 were hypomethylated in sperm DNA of both breeds. The methylation analysis revealed significantly more methylated CpG sites in the intron 4 of sperm from the LW breed than in that from SL. No difference was found in global DNA methylation between the two breeds. These results indicate differences in DNA methylation patterns between breeds and it remains to be established whether variation in DNA methylation patterns impacts on phenotypic traits

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