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On Bomolochus jonesi sp. Nov. parasitic on the eye of\ud the Indian mackerel Rastrelliger kanagurta

By P Sam Bennet


Eye parasites belonging to the genus Bomolochus are comparatively few. Two\ud species have been recorded hitherto from the Indian waters, B. sardinellae Bennet\ud (1964) and B. varunae Bennet (1966). Both of them were found on the eyes of clupeid\ud fishes. The present species was found on the eye of the Indian mackerel Rastrelliger\ud kanagurta from the Calicut coast. As in other eye parasites B. jonesi is lodged\ud between the eye ball and the adipose lid of the host. At times, when disturbed it\ud goes deeper in the orbit over the eye ball, hiding from outside view. Over two\ud hundred specimens, all females, were obtained between August 1965 and July 1966.\ud During August, November and February about 60% of the host fish were infested.\ud In July all the fish examined (over 50) were parasitised.\ud The species name is chosen in grateful appreciation for the encouragement\ud given by Dr. S. Jones in this study on the eye parasites of fishes

Topics: Pelagic Fisheries
Publisher: MBAI/CMFRI
Year: 1967
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