Biology and population dynamics of the grey dogshark, Rhizoprionodon (Rhizoprionodon) acutus (Ruppell), In Madras waters


The morphometric ratios of 13 characters of a sample of 105 specimens ranging in size from 144 mm to 826 mm established the identity of the species, Rhizopiionodon (Rhizoprionodon) acutus (Ruppell), supporting the shark fisheries at Madras. The Bertalanffy's growth parameters were: 1 !« = 1.78 yrs; K =" 0.2; and L„ 100 cm. R. (R.) acutus attains sizes of 417.3, 522.9, 609.4, 680.2, 738.2, 785.6, 824.5, 856.3, 882.3 and 903.7 mm respectively at ages of 1 to 10 years. The regression equations of length on weight between females and males were not significantly different. Although the overall sex ratio was 1 : 1.34, females were predominant up to the size group of 60-70 cm and during the months of February, March and Apri

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